Unitedgrids recently undertook Design, installation and integration of Cisco CMX service in existing Cisco Aironet wireless LAN Network for a property developer/construction .

Project Overview

The customer offers office space and eateries to its customers. They wanted to know the location, dwell time etc of its customers so as to improve their business. They also wanted to offer a free Wifi connection to its customers so as to improve their experience while at the location. It was decided that Cisco CMX was the best solution for the customer’s needs.


The deployment of CMX for our customer was challenging on multiple levels:

  • Requirement Gathering: Although the customer had a rough idea of what they wanted, the Unitedgrids consultant had to have multiple meetings with the customer to pen down the final requirements.
  • Third Party Involvement: The login portal for wireless users was developed by a third party company, Unitedgrids consultant had to work with the third party company to make sure that the webpage that they developed was efficiently integrated with the solution.


Unitedgrids network consultants worked closely with our customer’s project team for Cisco CMX deployment to design and configure CMX, Cisco Prime, Cisco Wireless Lan Controller and Cisco ASA Firepower firewall.

The Cisco WLC was configured to redirect users connecting the Guest wireless network to an external page who collected the user’s email address and redirected the client back to the controller. The controller then authenticated the user and provided them internet access. This allowed the customer to collect basic details of all the users visiting the site.

Cisco CMX was integrated with Cisco Prime and was configured to collect location details of all the wireless users and visitors to the site. The location was plotted on a map using Cisco’s triangulation method.


Guest Wireless Access to Users

Provisioned free guest wireless access to users at the customer office premises using the custom user login portal. Studies indicates that users of free Internet access via Wireless tends to spend more time within the premises. This present opportunity for business to market services and goods to users.

Direct Marketing Opportunities

The custom portal enabled capturing of user information such as First and last name, email address which could be used by our customer for analytics, user behaviour monitoring, market research and possible direct marketing opportunities.

Once a guest user logged into the wireless portal, a web page will be presented to the users with promotions and discounts available at the retails shops at the location or upcoming events.

User Insight

Our customer provided was able again user behavior information such as dwell time, user visit frequency,  user statistics such new users, peak hourly users, peak hours for users.  Most importantly, these details could be collected for all guest users and visitors, visitors being people within the wireless network range with wireless enabled devices.


Unitedgrids meet our client's requirements to provide wireless access to its guests and also collect details of both guests who connected to the wireless network and visitors who were in the vicinity of the Cisco access points. This allowed the customer to improve their business by targeting their advertisements and promotions.